Azrael's Secret Treehouse - NOTE!

Azrael's Treehouse has a secret are with many other areas to explore.
You can no longer go through the second secret door, it is members of Zanza (Azrael's clan) only  :I

To start go to the "unstick me" locations.

Continue south down the path until you reach a bridge.

Once you reach the bridge go down it, then go right straight away, and keep going until you reach the treehouse.

Once in the treehouse continue until you reach the stone guard. Type "fear the tree" and you will be able to walk past it.

From there continue to an area blocked by barrels. When you reach them type "saecraet traehouse" to get through. NOTE READ THIS! YOU CAN NO LONGER GO THROUGH HERE. ONLY MEMBERS OF AZRAEL'S GUILD CAN! :I

Hurray! You are in the secret treehouse.