Bar - 300
A bar which can be kept near a wall and keep several bottles.
Table - 150
A wooden table, perfect for dinners.
Lamp - 250
A lamp to lighten your house.
Bookshelf - 250
A bookshelf which gives your house some style.
Barrel - 100
A wooden barrel.
Water well - 450
A water well for water supply.
Bomy statue - 250
A statue of the ancient bomys.
Toilet - 400
A toilet to keep your house clean.
Water pond - 350
A pond of water for cleaning and bathing.
Box - 50
A wooden box.
Chair - 100
A nice little wooden chair for one person.
Sign - 300
A small sign.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this information is helpful.
Credit to Trenten for guide creation.
Pic By Manngo