Belle Garden Shop

Potted plant - 250
Green plants for decoration.
Dish - 50
A tasty dish.
Frog doll - 400
A small stuffed frog doll.
Hedge - 200
A garden hedge.
Flowers - 30
Small yellow flowers for you garden.
Bar sign - 250
A bar sign you can put up in your house.
Fence - 125
A wooden fence.
ASCA Lamp - 900
A lamp post with lamp.
Samurai lamp - 450
A samurai style lamp with light.
Vines - 100
Vines you can put on your house.
Pillar - 250
A stone pillar.
Bench - 150
A bench to sit on, best for outside.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this information is helpful.
Credit to Trenten for guide creation.
Pic By Manngo